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Sedaayeh Baaleh Parastoo

  • Baadeh Saba
  • Yek Joreh May

  • Ghafele-e Omr
  • Barkhiz
  • Chon Abr

  • Hilat raha kon

  • Bani A'dam

    Shams Tabrizi
  • Gholam-e Ghamar
  • On-Sofreh Beeyar
  • Dar Poosheh Salah

  • Haalaa Chera?

  • Doost
  • Doost_2
  • Bakht
  • Bakht_2

    Sohrab Sepehry

  • Morgheh Mo'ama
  • Gha'yegh

    Siavash Kasraie
  • Arasheh Kamaangir

  • Ofoogheh Roshan
  • Taraanehyeh Koochak

    in gheseh ra be pesarakeh Dahaty ke dar aan shabeh mahtabi mara ba dokhtaraneh darya ashena kard taghdim mikonam! Sepas!
  • Yek Gheseh--ghesmateh"1"
  • Yek Gheseh--ghesmateh"2"
  • Yek Gheseh--ghesmateh"3"
  • Yek Gheseh--ghesmateh"4"
  • Yek Gheseh--ghesmateh"5"
  • Yek Gheseh--ghesmateh"6"
  • Yek Gheseh--ghesmateh"7"
  • Yek Gheseh--ghesmateh"8"

    Sho'eleh Hayeh Nam Naak!!
    ,,,,,shayad roozi in dastan ra ba shoma ghesmat kardam!

    English Poems

    E.B. Browning
  • How do I love thee

    W.H. Davies
  • Butterfly

  • Sunset
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